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Make your Tableau charts pop: Quick Tip

In this post I show you how a quick trick with contrast can lift your content off the page and give it some “pop”. That’s not an official design term but I think it describes the net effect. [btx_button link=”” icon=”anchor”]View on Tableau Public[/btx_button] [btx_video type=”external” video_url=”″]  

Step Line Chart in Tableau: Quick Tip

In this quick video, I summarise how to create a step line chart in Tableau. [btx_video type=”external” video_url=””] A step line chart is similar to a line chart except it uses horizontal lines to connect two points unlike a traditional line chart where the line follows the most direct route. In this particular case, We use the fixed level of detail calculation…

Donald Trump’s Tweets: Makeover Monday

I learnt alot with this challenge, but first here it is. [btx_image image_id=”45010″ link=”” position=”center” on_click=”link”][/btx_image] Date-time parsing This seemed easy at first, Tableau supports date parsing with a function so after some research I applied the following formula but as you can see from the image it wasn’t parsing the 24 hour clock correctly. [btx_image image_id=”45013″ link=”/” position=”center”][/btx_image] A tweet and a…