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What’s new in Tableau Desktop 2019.3

In this post I round up the new features in Tableau Desktop 2019.3 with 6 short videos covering each feature. Parameter actions, Italian localisation, local coordinate systems, explain data, ISO8601 date formats and distance calculations.

Explain Data

With this new feature, Tableau can now assist in the process of ad-hoc analysis by surfacing underlying trends and patterns using machine learning and then surfacing the results as charts that you can turn into their own visualisations or use to drive the next step of your analysis.

Parameter action enhancements

First quartile, third quartile and concatenation are now new aggregations available in the parameter action options.

Italian localisation

You can now enable the Italian language as an option in Tableau 2019.3 and later.

Distance calculations

It’s now easy to measure the distance between two points using a new function Distance.

Local coordinate systems

You no longer need to convert coordinate systems outside of Tableau to use locations in Tableau.

ISO8601 date formats

You can now set the ISO-8601 calendar so your date part(s) default.